Work Day, Inc.


St. Joseph's/Candler Health System believe our employees are the single most important ingredient in our quest to provide "excellent customer service." To that end, we believe that exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with the satisfaction employees have within their work environment. We ask you, as a future St. Joseph's/Candler employee to agree to commit to the following:
Commitment to Co-workers
  • Show respect for others and their property
  • Be honest in all interactions with co-workers (integrity)
  • Respect the privacy of fellow employees
Sense of Ownership
  • Strive to do the job right the first time
  • Perform your work in a timely manner
  • Follow attendance requirements
Behavior Expectations
  • Come to work with your only goal being to meet/exceed your customer's needs
  • Treat everyone as if he or she is the most important person in our facility
  • Remember that rudeness is never acceptable under any circumstances
Personal Appearance
  • Wear name badges properly at all times (name/picture facing forward, just below the shoulder)
  • Dress in a manner that is professional, tasteful, neat and discreet
  • Practice good personal hygiene
Facility and Environmental Appearance
  • Pick up and dispose of all litter properly
  • Return all equipment to its proper place
  • Greet customers and co-workers with a warm and friendly smile (by name when possible) Introduce yourself properly
  • Use "please" and "thank you" in all conversations when appropriate
  • Listen to your customer's concerns in ways that show them you care

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